This is a Step by Step Guide to designing a home and how to avoid the financial pitfalls of your mistakes.

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When you are starting a new project in your home, it is important to put the project together in a very well thought out plan to avoid very costly mistakes. Today, I am going to list the steps that you need to take in order and I will spend the next several months detailing out each step. 

 If you are further along in your project than my blog has progressed, please feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to jump off script for you.


Get a vision board together 

  • Interior
  • Exterior

 Picking the design theme of your home

  • I will make a list of different current interior design trends to choose from
  • I will do the history of interiors at a later date in the blog

 Do a scaled floor plan of the rooms

  • How to do yourself
  • Hiring a Professional 

Pick your color palette

  • Picking your neutrals and colors
  • Common Mistakes

Determining your flooring transitions 

  • Flooring Material
  • Transition do's and do not's
  • Patterns

 Trim selections

  • Doors
  • Case and base
  • Wall details


  •  Types of fireplaces available
  •  Height of opening from floor
  •  Materials


  •  Creating an interesting ceiling
  •  Where to change colors
  •  Beams or no beams?  When to and when not to.

Elements of a great kitchen

  • Current trends
  • Function
  • Mistakes to not make
  • Cool gadgets to think about incorperating

 Elements of a great bathroom

  • Current trends
  • Making every inch usable
  • Mistakes to watch for

 Lighting design...It's not always about the fixtures

  • Three levels of lighting to each room
  • Why go green?
  • How to figure locations and heights of your lighting
  • Common mistakes

 Proper furniture selections

  • Comfort
  • Sizes
  • Fabric selections
  •       Pattern
  •       Picking Durability
  • Common mistakes when mixing and matching furniture

  Dressing a window properly

  • Height to hang treatments
  • Blinds that are available
  • Do's and do not's on drapery

 Accessorizing your home

  • How high to hang your wall decor
  • Grouping photos
  • Book cases
  • Mantles
  • Placing your mirrors in the perfect place
  • Tables
  • Florals

The bedroom

  • Furniture layout
  • Ways to dress your bed

 The great master closet

  • The not so obvious things to plan for
  • General measurements required for function
  • Cool gadgets to incorporate
  • Lighting/colors

The importance of the office

  • How many hours a day does it get used
  • How many occupants
  • Determine the equipment
  • Optional layouts

 The basement design

  • Determine if this is going to be an extension of the living portion of the house
  • Come up with a budget
  • Tricks to making it not feel like a basement

 What creates curb appeal with your home?

  • Finishes selections
  • Where to stop and start different materials
  • The front door
  • Garage doors
  • Window selections and shapes
  • What not to do

 Exterior living: This is becoming very important even in the colder areas

  • Material selections
  • The elements to include in a great design
  •       The summer kitchen
  •       The sun bathing area
  •        A covered space for when it rains     

           If you have any money left after the above must haves items then go all out with the fallowing:

  • Fire feature
  • Water feature
  • Hot tubs or pools
  • Outside shower 

I know this is a big list. I do intend on working on all of the blogs as things come to my mind, but will post each blog in order as I get them completed. I will add to already posted blogs if I feel like I forgot something.  Keep checking back as you are working on your projects.

If you need clarification on something I said, please so not hesitate to ask for visual examples. I will be happy to provide them.   If I do not have examples to pull from my own portfolio or our online store I will reach out to houzz and Pinterest for pictures and will be sure to credit the posting person. That is of course unless it is on my "do not's" list. I will not list their name.


Wish me luck everyone.


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