Caché II Towel Bar with Swarovski Crystals

$ 371.80

Caché II  towel bar with Swarovski Crystals

16" bar dimensions are: 21-1/4"l x  2-5/8"w x  4-1/4"deep

24" bar dimensions are: 29-1/4"l x  2-5/8"w x  4-1/4"deep

32" bar dimensions are: 37-1/4"l x  2-5/8"w x  4-1/4"deep

36" bar dimensions are: 41-1/4"l x  2-5/8"w x  4-1/4"deep

Picture with Chalice Finish and Crystal

Also available in Antique Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Platinum.

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